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GO Riteway is again recognized by the Transportation Safety Exchange as a Safer Motor Carrier

GO Riteway Transportation Group is proud to announce that they have again been TSX Approved as a safe motor carrier, having successfully completed theTransportation Safety Exchange Comprehensive Review (TSX-CR). TSX ApprovedTransportation Safety Exchange (TSX) is the ground transportation industry’s only independent rating organization that inspects, monitors, and reports the safety performance of motor carriers.

“GO Riteway is very serious about our commitment to safety and pleased to have maintained this recognition. It demonstrates that we have implemented the highest standards of safety.” said GO Riteway President Ron Bast.

“Being TSX Approved demonstrates a motor carrier’s dedication to better safety standards,” said TSX President Patrick Labriola. “In today’s crowded marketplace, it is important for customers to have a way to identify the safer carriers on the road. With TSX Approval, carriers demonstrate that they are making safety a top priority.”

“Passenger trip organizers and sponsors all bear responsibility and potential risk for operator performance and safety. They must demonstrate that they have used the highest standard of care possible in selecting a motor carrier. As trip planners, organizers and sponsors perform their due diligence, TSX Approval will help them identify their safest options.

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